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Guide to County Stormwater Services

Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District visit website www.warrenswcd.com

Jeff Thomas, Warren County Soil and Water, (513) 695-1337, Email Jeff Thomas

Construction Site Runoff Control, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Reviews
General Drainage Issues
Streams and Rain Gardens
Public Education and Outreach
Retention/Detention Basin Inspections Ponds

Warren County Engineer's Office visit website visit website www.wceo.us

Chuck Petty, PE, Assistant Warren County Engineer, (513) 695-3309, Email Chuck Petty

Stormwater Regulations, Plan Reviews, and Post-Construction
Stormwater Management
Phase II Permit Administration
Pollution Prevention / Education and Outreach
Driveway Culverts
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Warren County Combined Health District visit website www.wcchd.com/index.aspx

Chris Balster, MPH, REHS, RS, Director of Environmental Health, (513) 695-1728, Email Chris Balster

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